Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Opposites Attract

This theory is not just for human behavior, but color as well. Colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel will have great visual impact when paired together in a room. If the majority of colors in your room are in the warm tones (red and yellow based colors), then try adding a few accessories in a cool tone (green and blue based colors). I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! Here are a few fabulous examples to get your juices flowing!

This beautiful color combination of turquoise and hot pink just so
happens to be my FAVORITE!
(design by Polly Wreford)
This is a room I did for some folks that wanted to keep all their same furniture,
so we just added a smoky blue to the walls and funked it up with a playful opposite of orange
on all the accessories.
(Room by: MOI...Judith Balis)
LOVE this acid yellow against the gray...so clean ond fresh!
(Photo from Southern Living)

This beautiful combination of turquoise and persimmon
is quite delicious, don't you think?
(room by: Jennifer Flanders)

LOVE everything about this nursery
by Heather Thompson!

Orange is a WONDERFUL accent color with almost ANY of the cool tones!
(Photo from Better Homes and Gradens)

Again...the cool tones of the lavender Hydrangeas look amazing against
the warm tones of the table and art on the walls.
(Photo from Beyond the Table)

I love the peace and tranquility, yet subtle vibrance of this room.
(Photo from Weddingblog)

Makes you want to drink lemonade, doesn't it?
(Photo from Moving Design)

Warm-toned centerpiece against a cool muddy gray/blue background.
(Photo from Apartment Therapy)

SEXY, SEXY gray and yellow!
(Design by David Jiminez)

I love this vignette:
(Design by Alexandra Rowley)

(Photo from Decor Pad)

Oh Martha! You've done it again...

LOVE the burst of orange against the cool gray and white walls!
And please note that I did NOT say "pop"...it's a personal pet peave.
(Photo from the "Beyond" Hotel)

And last but not least, my most favorite room I have ever done.
Young, fresh, whimsical, (just like my clients!) and my all-time
FAVORITE color combination!

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